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Barrett Associates is a Denver based real estate consulting, brokerage, and non-distressed auction house that primarily represents seller and landlord clients.  We pursue innovative and creative approaches to online real estate maketing for both selected commercial and residential properties.   

 At Barrett Associates we develop property specific disposition strategies for a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate clients.

For residential side, we provide non-distressed, online property auctioning owner assistance programs that pro-actively market properties to their profiled buyer pools.  Working "shoulder-to-shoulder" with our clients, we provide the critical real estate expertise and support to help them to maximize the “exit value” of their property.  Buyer’s can also tailor assistance programs that will enable our firm to rebate a portion of our fees by contributing “sweat equity” to their transactions and taking advantage of our “online tools” and "platforms" to help accelerate the marketing process, compress the real estate sales cycle, and save everyone valuable time and money.

On the commercial side, we provide similar “accelerated marketing approaches" for sale or lease, including our online platform on behalf of property owners as well as "cost-competitive" programs that include tenant & landlord representation, investment analysis, commercial property reuse consulting, and commercial real estate auctioing services.

Founded by a University of Denver adjunct real estate faculty member of over 20 years, Kyle has been an industry innovator, practicing real estate consultant, advisor, broker, auctioneer, and recognized authority in both the local and national real estate community.

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The Barrett Associates Team