Consulting Services

Our real estate consulting practice focuses nationally on supporting complex real estate property dispositions.  We can design a “scope-of-services” to meet any potential client’s objectives, while working with their local real estate team.

Kyle is an Adjunct Faculty member of Real Estate in the Burns School of Real Estate, part of the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. He is also President of Barrett Associates, Inc., a full spectrum real estate firm providing progressive real estate consumer services, tools, and solutions in the Colorado and National real marketplaces.

Top Reasons:

  1. Outstanding real estate intellectual expertise
  2. Ability to identify and calibrate “intrinsic real estate value” in any market
  3. Track record of national, online real estate auctioning success

Market Areas of Focus:

  1. The Denver metropolitan area
  2. Colorado and New England Ski Resort properties

Areas of Specialization:

  1. All commercial property types
  2. All Ski Resort properties