The Real Estate Guide To Selling Your Home PDF

From the Real Estate Professor at Barrett Associates

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Thinking about selling your home?

Is your family growing?  Taking a new job in another part of town?  Wondering if this might be a good time to sell your home?

Selling a home can be a trying process, even for someone who’s done it before!

How do I get the best price for my home? Should I try to sell my house myself or use a Realtor?  If I use a Realtor, how should I use them?  What do I need to do to get my house ready to sell?  How do I sell my home fast?  These are just some of the common questions we’ve heard.
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Find the best ways to sell your home – based on 50 years of real estate experience

As part of Barrett Associate’s commitment to providing independent, unbiased Denver real estate advice to home sellers, we have compiled this free online real estate selling guide. This seller’s guide represents more than 50 years of real estate experience, including a real estate investor (Chad Pinson of HomePoint, LLC), a real estate professor (Kyle Cascioli) and the online community. Their expert advice is summarized here to help you sell your house faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.
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Barrett Associates hopes you find this FREE home selling information useful, and are available to answer your questions between 9 am and 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) Monday through Friday, at 303-680-8211 or email or post your questions on our Ask The Real Estate Professor Forum and we will respond promptly.

Here is a list of the contents in this very special home sellers report:
A. Introduction: Thinking about selling your home?
1. Determine your home's value in today's marketplace
2. Find out what is currently available for sale in your area or neighborhood
3. Estimate the proceeds from selling your home
4. Determine what needs to be repaired or upgraded before you sell
5. Make necessary repairs – find qualified contractors
6. What's the best way to sell your home?
7. Decide whether and how to use an agent or sell your home yourself
8. Determine your sales price
9. Sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent
10. Create a proactive home marketing plan
11. How to handle showing your house to potential buyers
12. Get showing feedback
13. Provide property disclosures
14. Continue home marketing efforts & price adjustments
15. How to negotiate home selling price upon receiving an offer
16. Sign all real estate contract documents
17. Order title insurance commitment
18. The mortgage application process: track the buyer's progress
19. The home inspection process
20. The title process & closing the sale of your home

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